Save Money This Holiday Season and Get Cash Back While Shopping Online

How to Get Cash Back While Shopping Online

Did you know that there’s a free way you can earn cash back (up to 40% at select stores) when you shop online? Yes! How? Ebates!

I have been using Ebates for over 4 years now and have easily made a good chunk of money just by online shopping. Not only is Ebates great for cash back but you will always find amazing deals. The trick is to install the Ebates toolbar extension. Therefore, when you are browsing on your favorite store’s website, the toolbar will alert you on deals and how much cash back you will earn.

Are you still curious as to how Ebates works? Check out the video below.

Momma’s, let’s not forget how expensive it is to have a little one. Earning money while spending it sounds like a win win for me. If you are an Amazon junkie, you can easily earn 3% cash back on your purchases. Let me walk you through the sign up process, it is super easy and FAST.

Step 1: Sign up for a FREE account

Step 2:  You will see:

Earn Money While Shopping Online

Enter your information and that is it. Get ready to shop and earn cash back immediately.


The last thing that you want to do is miss the opportunity to earn a chuck of change from a vacation you just booked. As I mentioned above, download the cash back toolbar extension so that you never miss your chance at FREE money!

It is very simple. You have the option of receiving a check in the mail or having your money deposited into your PayPal account. The choice is yours!

I have so many friends and family hooked on Ebates. Let us know what you think of Ebates if you currently use it. If not, let us know if you plan on signing up! Happy Shopping Mommas!

How To Get Cash Back While Shopping Online With Ebates

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