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ATL Life: Children’s Museum of Atlanta

Children's Museum of Atlanta

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is a great place for you and your family to enjoy hands-on experiences with your little ones. The museum had just the right amount of exhibits that will ignite your child’s imagination with the unthinkable.

Our little guys are toddler’s, one-year-olds to be exact. We explored the exhibits that the kiddos gravitated to, the most.

Fundamentally Food – The museum had me with their sort of Farm To Table theme. Here, children would learn about the farm to table process. They also learned how to milk a cow (a pretend cow, that is!), grocery shop and get their food at the diner.

Children's Museum of Atlanta Food Fundamentals

Gateway to the World – Here, the little ones were able to explore the six continents, climb to various layers of the earth and shoot rockets. This is said to be the largest exhibit of the museum.

Children's Museum of Atlanta Gateway to the World Children's Museum of Atlanta Rocket Launch

Leaping Into Learning – The fishing pond was a fun exhibit, it does get messy, so don’t forget to grab a raincoat (provided in the area).

Children's Museum of Atlanta Fish Pond


The other areas that we did not explore much nor did the little ones seem too interested in was the Step Up To Science and Tools for Solutions. I think they will like these exhibits when they are a little older. I am not sure if the indoor park is permanent or not, but it was certainly fun. The boys enjoyed themselves. You will also find an Art Studio in the museum as well. We peeked in and saw the children painting Halloween pumpkins which were super cute.

Another great area of the museum is their designated section for toddlers. This is great for days when the museum is crowded and you do not want to keep your little one in a stroller. They can roam around freely and not have to worry about being around older kids.

Children's Museum of Atlanta Playground Children's Museum of Atlanta

We had a fun experience at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta. It’s super clean. With all the activities, your child will not be bored and you can continuously bring them back. Momma’s be sure to bring food for yourself or eat before you go (something we should have done lol). We assumed that there would be a small cafe or a place to get a quick snack, but they didn’t. Luckily, we were downtown so there were restaurants in the area. Overall, The Super Glam Mom squad give the Children’s Museum of Atlanta 5 out of 5. 

Have you ever visited the Children’s Museum of Atlanta? Share your experience below.


  1. My kids both love the Atlanta Children’s Museum and would go every day if they could. I love that they have some exhibits that stay and others that change according to different themes.

  2. We live in the Atlanta area, and have traveled to this museum several times. I love how interactive it is and how they change out themes throughout the year. It’s a fun place to go.

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